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Esports betting picks: Jan 14-16

CS:GO – HLTV Top20 Rankings

WHEN: 21-23 January

CS:GO had a few top teams return to action this past week. Namely those clubs who could probably use a little more official ‘practice’ before the tournament circuit gets underway. We will look at a couple of those matchups coming up this weekend, but first we need to touch on another notable topic: the 2021 HLTV Top20 Rankings. Yes, we’re already well into the new year, however, with so many Counter-Strike events running right up until the end of December it usually needs to be pushed back to give fair accounting of all performances.

On Saturday HLTV, for the first time ever, will be showcasing a live stream to present the final three placements. While only 17 players have been awarded a rank until this point and anyone outside of those could, theoretically, be in the top three, we already know who they are: Niko, Zywoo, and Simple. And, while it would be exciting to contemplate that the top prize of ‘best player in the world’ could go to any of those three, Simple has won it. Anyone besides him, even peers like Zywoo and Niko, who have also been called CSGods over their careers, did not have a 2021 like The Undertaker himself.

Simple won the top award back in 2018 only to see the Frenchmaster Zywoo take it for the next two years. However, on both an individual level and in supporting his team win nearly all the top titles in 2021, Simple’s performance both statistically and subjectively had no equal. That aside, the order of Zywoo and Niko is still up for debate, though it should be Zywoo playing runner-up and Niko finishing with the bronze. In terms of responsibility and pressure of in-game calling, strategizing and still having top marks on the killsheet, Niko was in a world of his own this year. Truly no other IGL came close to his stats. HLTV has the ability to play GOD here and do what they want, and no one is really going to think second or third is that disrespectful to either player.

Esports pick: Zywoo moneyline v Niko (-160)

CS:GO – Malta Vibes

777 vs Wisla Krakow

WHEN: Saturday Jan 22, 1:00pm ET

While Astralis, Big, Fnatic and Entropiq are all top or near top teams in action over the weekend, we are getting involved with an undervalued favorite in another event. In the sometime overlooked Malta Vibes competition we have a rejuvenated Wisla Krakow facing off against 777 (yes, a team can just have a series of numbers as their team name, I guess). The Polish scene is infamous for playing ‘musical rosters’. In fact, if someone had the time, I bet they could connect every single pro in the Polish community with one roster move to one another through Counter-Strike’s entire history.

Anyway, this is all to say that sometimes these rosters click despite relatively equal talent between them. And right now Wisla is in that beautiful honeymoon period. They have won four straight matches this week and five of their last six. Over that time they are 11-4 in maps and have only dropped a singular close series against their peers, Endpoint.

They might be a bit of a steep favorite coming in, and 777 is by no means ice cold, but when they are at their best they heavily outperform the Nordic side pound-for-pound. It could be a three-mapper but the undervalued Polish veterans are the one to back.

Esports picks:

  • Wisla Krakow moneyline v 777 (-200)

  • Wisla Krakow -2.5 map1 v 777 (-130)

  • Wisla Krakow -2.5 map3 v 777 (-125)

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The most popular betting markets in both traditional sports and esports - picking who will win a competition, event, or season. This is great option for bettors because taking heavy favorites on the outrights market can allow fans to get involved in the action without steep price tags.

You can find outright markets for every tier one CSGO event, all the Dota majors, as well as World Championships for COD, Rocket League, and League of Legends. Keep in mind, however, that esports betting sites margins are a bit steeper on outrights so it is more important to shop around for the best price on the market.

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Moneyline refers to the winner of a particular event. If you want to bet on a team to win the map you would bet on their map moneyline. Likewise, if you want to bet on a team to win a series you would bet on their series moneyline.

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