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As the biggest sports-betting market in North America, with nearly $100 billion bet on the game globally every year, football betting online is available at nearly every sportsbook. Given its enormous popularity, football is one of the driving sports in the betting industry and it’s easy to see why.

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Kansas City
Kansas City
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San Francisco
San Francisco @
L.A. Rams
L.A. Rams

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Road to Super Bowl LVI



The NFL (National Football League) is the best football league in the world. It’s 32 teams, playing out a gruelling 17-week regular-season schedule, with a post-season if you're good enough. The Super Bowl – its championship game – is the most bet-on annual sporting event in the world.

The NFL and sports betting have a very close relationship. NFL betting is a multi-billion dollar industry, with the Super Bowl alone seeing nearly $10 billion in bets last year in America, making it the most profitable league in the world for sportsbooks.

NFL bets explained


Betting the moneyline is the simplest of all football betting picks – just pick the winning team. Sometimes referred to as ML, the moneyline will have two sets of odds – one for each team. With ties being very rare in American football, the moneyline is a two-way market which means you only have two choices, a winning outcome and a losing outcome.

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