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While the road to the Super Bowl kicks off back in September, the start of the NFL playoffs is when the postseason begins. Only the 14 best, of the 32 teams across the NFL, make it this far and the schedule of games across the month determines which teams make it to Super Bowl LVI on Feb 13.

1/30/2022, 8:00 PM
Cincinnati @
Kansas City
Kansas City
1/30/2022, 11:30 PM
San Francisco
San Francisco @
L.A. Rams
L.A. Rams

Last updated: Jan 26, 11:07 PM UTC

What are the NFL playoffs?

The NFL playoffs is the start of the postseason, with the best teams from the AFC and NFC battling it out to make Super Bowl. Of the 32 teams that compete across the regular season, the seven best from each conference make it into the NFL playoffs. Those seven teams are made up of the four conference winners and three wildcards (those with the best records from the remaining teams). The team in each conference with the single best record receives a bye into the second round.

Road to Super Bowl LVI

NFL Playoff schedule

Wildcard round:

Jan 15: Raiders @ Bengals, 4:35 pm ET; READ PREVIEW

Jan 15: Patriots @ Bills, 8:15 pm ET; READ PREVIEW

Jan 16: Eagles @ Buccaneers, 1:05 pm ET; READ PREVIEW

Jan 16: 49ers @ Cowboys, 4:40 pm ET; READ PREVIEW

Jan 16: Steelers @ Chiefs, 8:15 pm ET; READ PREVIEW

Jan 17: Cardinals @ Rams, 8:15 pm ET; READ PREVIEW

Divisional round:

Jan 22: Bengals @ Titans, 4:30pm ET; READ PREVIEW

Jan 22: 49ers @Packers, 8:15pm ET; READ PREVIEW

Jan 23: Bills @ Chiefs, 6:30pm ET; READ PREVIEW

Jan 23: Rams @ Bucs, 3:00pm ET; READ PREVIEW

Conference Championship:

Jan 30: AFC Championship game: Bengals @ Chiefs, 3:00pm ET

Jan 30: NFC Championship game: 49ers @ Rams, 6:30pm ET; READ PREVIEW

Super Bowl LVI:

Feb 13: Super Bowl LVI, 6:30pm ET

NFL playoffs FAQs

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