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How to bet on boxing online

“The sweet science”, boxing is a sport of pure courage mixed with skill under pressure. It’s also the sport for pay-per-view spectacles; Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Manny Pacquiao’s 2015 “Fight of the Century” generated a record 4.6 million PPV buys worth over $400 million. Fans will always pay to watch the best go toe-to-toe, and they’ll savor the chance to bet on the biggest fights too.

Most popular weight divisions

A fight for the heavyweight championship of the world is the most enthralling occasion in the whole of boxing.

Some of the greatest sportsmen of all time, such as Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis and Jack Dempsey, are immortal legends who were proud wearers of the heavyweight crown.

In the current era, fighters such as Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury are household names with huge followings.

This division will always have a special allure among seasoned bettors and casual fans alike, who love the challenge of picking a winner when the biggest fighters get ready to rumble.

What are the major boxing titles?

Understanding what the championship belts are and what they mean.

Lineal Champion

The concept of a lineal champion traces a current title holder back to the origins of organized boxing, when there was only one champ in each division. Because various sanctioning bodies have been launched since, there can be multiple holders. But a lineal champion can trace his title back down the years.

Unified Champion

Any boxer who holds world titles sanctioned by more than one governing body at the same time and in the same weight class is regarded as a unified champion. Given the way boxing has been fragmented since the emergence of the new bodies, this is a rarer feat than it used to be.

Undisputed Champion

Only a fighter who holds all the versions of the world title at a particular weight class at one time can call himself an undisputed champion. The existence of four organizations that sanction bouts means this is now highly unusual – Lennox Lewis was the last undisputed heavyweight champ in 1999-2000.


The International Boxing Federation (IBF) was founded in 1983 as a rival to the WBA and WBC. In the following year, it recognized world champions already crowned by the other organizations. It has since certified men’s world champions in 17 classes and women’s in 15.


The World Boxing Association (WBA) is the oldest of the four bodies that sanction professional boxing. As a result, it is effectively seen as the original governing body of boxing. It has added to the complexity of the championship scene in recent years by recognizing more than one title-holder in any weight class.


The World Boxing Organization (WBO) is the most recent of the four bodies that sanction world title bouts. It was set up in 1988 after a dispute at the WBA’s annual convention. It took a while to establish its credibility but champions like Chris Eubank, Johnny Tapia and Naseem Hamed brought respect to the WBO in the 1990s.


The World Boxing Council (WBC) is the second oldest sanctioning body, having been set up in 1964. It has recognized some of the greatest names in the sport as world champions. Tyson Fury, one of the biggest names in the sport, is the current WBC heavyweight champion, while Errol Spence Jr. and Canelo Álvarez both hold WBC titles.

Boxing bets explained

To Win Fight

The simplest bet on boxing that we can make. All we need to do is predict which of the two fighters will be victorious. It doesn’t matter how or when they win, all that counts is that the referee holds aloft our selection’s hand at the end of the fight.

In-play betting on boxing

Just because the first bell has rung and the fighters have come out swinging, that doesn’t mean the betting has to stop.

Modern sportsbooks can update their boxing betting instantly and allow bettors to keep wagering as the action unfolds.

This means that, even if we think that Anthony Joshua has lost the first round in a fight against Tyson Fury, we can still bet on him to win the bout.

Most boxing betting sites also offer in-play wagering on other markets such as the length of the fight and the way in which it will end.

Boxing pound for pound rankings list

1Saul AlvarezMEX57-1-2 (39)Super Middleweight / Light Heavyweight
2Oleksandr UsykUKR19-0-0 (13)Heavyweight
3Naoya InoueJPN21-0-0 (18)Bantamweight
4Terence CrawfordUSA37-0-0 (28)Welterweight
5Errol Spence JrUSA27-0-0 (21)Welterweight
6Josh TaylorSCT18-0-0 (13)Jr. Welterweight
7Tyson FuryENG30-0-1 (21)Heavyweight
8Juan Francisco EstradaMEX42-3-0 (28)Jr. Bantamweight
9Gennady GolovkinKAZ41-1-1 (36)Middleweight
10Kazuto IokaJPN27-2-0 (15)Jr. Bantamweight

Here's the very latest pound for pound list according to the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board.

Boxing betting promotions

Enhanced odds

Some boxing betting sites will offer enhanced odds on a particular outcome to tempt more people to bet. It is worth keeping our eyes peeled for such an offer. They don’t always last very long, and if it’s a result you think will happen you could get some very healthy winnings.

Money back if the fight goes the distance

If our favored boxing bet is on a fight to finish in a particular round, this could be our insurance policy. Some sportsbooks will offer to refund round bets as a free wager if the fight ends up going the distance.

Money back if the fight finishes in a draw

Few championship fights finish in a draw, so it is not a common choice in boxing betting. However, it could be our salvation if a sportsbook offers to give our money back, in cash or as a free bet, should the fight be declared a draw. And there’s always the rematch…

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