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The NBA (National Basketball Association) is the most exciting basketball league in the world, bar none. The long season provides many opportunities to build your bankroll, with 82 regular season games per team and multiple games happening nightly. Don’t be phased by the overwhelming amount of choice, we’re here to help coach you on what you need to know.

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NBA Picks

Looking for NBA picks and predictions today? Then you've come to the right place. Check out our free NBA expert picks and best bets, going live twice every week, from some of the finest NBA betting experts in the business.

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NBA odds

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What are the NBA Finals?

The NBA Finals are the annual championship in which the Eastern and Western Conference Champions play a best-of-seven game series to determine the league champion.

In 2020 the NBA Finals were watched by an average of 7.5 million viewers in the US. In Nevada alone it is estimated that bettors staked almost $10 million dollars per game throughout the playoffs.

Reigning champions

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2021 NBA
Finals Champion

Milwaukee Bucks

Before being crowned 2021 NBA Champions, the Milwaukee Bucks’ last championship title was in 1971. Milwaukee trailed the Phoenix Suns 2-0 in the 2021 NBA Finals before winning four consecutive games and the series 4-2. Prior to the start of the regular season, the Bucks were +550 odds to win it all and would have made a great NBA futures bet.

Previous Winner Basketball MVP

2021 NBA
Finals MVP

Giannis Antetokounmpo

In 2021, Giannis Antetokounmpo led his Milwaukee Bucks to their second ever NBA Championship. Nicknamed the Greek Freak, he was named the NBA Finals MVP as he averaged over 35 points and 13 rebounds throughout the Bucks’ playoff run. Antetokounmpo became the first non-American-born player to be named the Finals MVP since Dirk Nowitzki in 2011.

Logo Basketball NBA mil

2021 Eastern
Conference Winner

Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks defeated the Miami Heat, Brooklyn Nets and the Atlanta Hawks on their way to being crowned the NBA Eastern Conference champions. The Bucks swept the Heat in four games, before just getting by Brooklyn in a hard-fought seven-game series. Against the Hawks, Milwaukee dropped the first game of the series, before gaining control and eliminating Atlanta in six games and being crowned the Eastern Conference Champions.

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2021 Western
Conference Winner

Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns started their 2021 playoff run by eliminating LeBron James and his LA Lakers. In the second round, the Suns were able to cruise past the Denver Nuggets, sweeping them in four straight. Phoenix then took control of the western conference finals by winning the first two games against the LA Clippers. They dropped game 3, but remained in control of the series, and eventually eliminated the Clippers in six games.

Previous Winner Basketball MVP

2021 Regular Season MVP

Nikola Jokić

Nikola Jokić was the 41st player selected in the 2014 NBA draft and in 2021 he became the lowest drafted player in NBA history to win the MVP Award. Twenty games into the season, Jokić had only the fifth-best odds and was behind players like Lebron James (+500) and Kevin Durant (+600). But the +800 MVP long-shot cashed in, becoming the first Serbian-born player to win the prestigious award.

NBA: Most popular markets

Odds are first available in the offseason on which of the 30 teams will win the NBA Championship on all of the best NBA betting sites. The numbers are adjusted as the regular season begins and based on the opinion and betting interest each team garners from the betting public.

NBA Standings

  • Division
  • NBA Atlantic
  • NBA Central
  • NBA Southeast
  • All Divisions
NBA Atlantic W L Pct Home Away Conf Div Ats OU
1 Boston Boston 51 31 .622 28-13 23-18 33-19 9-7 45-36-1 40-40-2
2 Philadelphia Philadelphia 51 31 .622 24-17 27-14 32-20 6-10 37-43-2 38-41-3
3 Toronto Toronto 48 34 .585 24-17 24-17 30-22 10-6 47-35-0 41-41-0
4 Brooklyn Brooklyn 44 38 .537 20-21 24-17 31-21 10-6 33-47-2 40-41-1
5 New York New York 37 45 .451 17-24 20-21 22-30 5-11 39-43-0 40-42-0

Last updated: May 28, 1:23 AM UTC

Basketball bets explained


A moneyline wager in basketball betting is a bet on which team you think is going to win the game. There’s no set number of points a team has to win by, or total points you need to predict, you simply choose who will win the game outright.

Live betting on the NBA

Live betting on the NBA allows you to place a wager during a match even though the game has already started. Sportsbooks are constantly adjusting their odds depending on how the game is playing out. Live betting, or in-game betting, is a popular way to bet the NBA because it allows you to see how momentum is swinging in a game before locking in a wager.

Here’s an example: the pregame betting line is set at Boston Celtics -3.5 over the Dallas Mavericks. At halftime, the Celtics are leading the game by 10 points. Look for the in-game spread to have adjusted to how the game is playing out. At this point it is probably closer to -6.5. This is a good time to back the Mavericks to keep it close. Alternatively, if it looks like a blowout is about to ensue in the second half, we could take the larger spread knowing how both teams are playing.

NBA Betting Advice

Closing lines:

Even the best gamblers struggle to beat NBA closing lines. When it comes to NBA betting, the closing line is the last odds provided by a sportsbook before an event takes place. It is widely understood that by the time a LA Lakers vs Golden State Warriors game is about to begin, all relevant information has been factored into the odds and that the closing line for that game is far more accurate than the opening line was.

If NBA online betting is something you want to do, then make it a priority to be checking odds early on game day or maybe even the night before. Waiting until the last moments before LeBron James tips off against Steph Curry means that you will be dealing with the sharpest and most accurate odds on that game.

Unders and underdogs:

One of the toughest things for anyone who enjoys NBA betting is to put money down on a team who you don’t think will win the game. However, when it comes to NBA online betting, we have to remember that underdogs come through as often as the favorites, once you factor in spreads.

Last year, there was a point in the season when the New York Knicks were a .500 team, but were covering the spread 61% of the time. The Knicks were losing the same amount of games as they were winning, but from a betting the spread standpoint, they were one of the best teams in the league. There is a difference between teams who win and teams who cover.

The same applies for betting on unders. It is widely known that the general public would much prefer to watch a game that is high scoring and are therefore more likely to bet the over on that game. Great NBA online bettors know that betting underdogs and unders will payout as often as favorites and overs will.

Be an expert:

Being an expert when it comes to NBA betting means limiting the number of teams and games you bet on. There are 30 NBA teams and very few of us are experts on every team and every division. Don’t be afraid to lock in on just a few teams or on a particular division.

If you are a fan of the Boston Celtics, then maybe focus the majority of your betting time on other teams in the Eastern Conference, like the Milwaukee Bucks, Brooklyn Nets or Miami Heat. Becoming an expert on a couple of teams or one division can give you an edge over those who are wagering on every team in the league.

Shop around:

There are lots of options when looking for NBA betting sites, but when it comes to finding the best NBA betting sites that meet all your needs, you have to shop around. Most of the sharp bettors will have multiple accounts at different sites. This isn’t because of the amount of money they bet, it’s because a skilled gambler knows to look at NBA odds from multiple NBA betting sites and then pick the best lines and spreads that interest you the most.

You might like the Philadelphia 76ers to beat the Atlanta Hawks. If you shop around with different online sportsbooks, you will find there are probably three or four different spreads or moneylines for that one particular game – now as an educated gambler who has shopped around, you can pick the odds that work best for you.

NBA betting promotions

$100 bonus. 100% match on first deposit

Most online NBA betting sites will offer you a first deposit bonus up to a certain amount. In this case, it will match 100% of your first deposit up to $100. To withdraw each bonus and any winnings associated with it, you often need to wager an amount equal to ten times the applicable bonus granted. It’s worth always reading the fine print.

Odds booster

This can be applicable to specific markets or proposition wagers. Certain odds get boosted to help yield better value. A sportsbook may be offering two favorites ‘boosted’ in the Hawks -4.5 & Pacers -3 both to cover. The boosted parlay for these two selections could be changed from +260 to +295 by the sportsbook, thus increasing the potential payout for bettors. The games boosted are often wagers and games popular within NBA public betting.

NBA early payout offer

Place a pregame bet on the moneyline market for any NBA team and if the team you back to win goes up by 20 or more points at any stage during the game, this bet will be paid out in full regardless of whether the opposition comes back to win the game.

No deposit 2x$10 free bets

A simple offer. New users will receive two free bets, worth $10 each, with no deposit required, when signing up for a new sportsbook. This is a popular offer in various US states.

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