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New Zealand online sports betting laws

Home to the iconic All Blacks, a top-class cricket side, and a growing basketball, soccer and horse racing scene, sport in New Zealand is a big deal. It’s no wonder that online sports betting in New Zealand is also a popular activity among fans.

Is sports betting legal in New Zealand?

Online sports betting in New Zealand is both legal and safe. If you want to enjoy a wager on a sporting event, you are perfectly entitled to do so. However, it is important to understand the local legislation and the rules by which operators must abide to allow you to take part in online sports betting in the country. Sports betting and lotteries are permitted in the country, but many other forms of gambling are specifically illegal under the terms of the Gambling Act of 2003. This is regulated and enforced by the country’s Department of Internal Affairs.

So, while online sports betting is legal in New Zealand, the only home-based organization within the country that may participate in it is the Totalisator Agency Board. Known universally as the TAB, this is the company that administers sports betting in both Australia and New Zealand. The TAB also owns and operates retail outlets throughout New Zealand where people can place bets in person.

However, while no other New Zealand-based companies can offer online sports betting, operators based outside the country are allowed to do so. People who live in New Zealand are perfectly free to take their custom to some of the best betting sites in the world. It is perfectly legal to place bets online at licensed, regulated betting companies that have been granted permission to offer their facilities to residents of New Zealand. This means that there is a wide availability in New Zealand of online betting sites.

When it comes to measures to ensure responsible gambling, the TAB has several tools and processes in place to help anybody who has a problem with betting. There is also a non-profit organization, the Problem Gambling Federation, that has been specifically set up to offer counseling and support to people who believe they require it.

If you want to enjoy sports betting online in New Zealand, you are entitled to do so with complete peace of mind. However, it is always worth double-checking to be sure that the sportsbook where you want to bet is fully licensed and able to operate in New Zealand.

What odds format is used in New Zealand?

Decimal odds

When you visit New Zealand betting sites, you will find that odds are presented in a decimal format. This is one of three different ways in which odds are expressed across the world.

Let’s look at an example of a bet on the Blues to win this season’s Super Rugby competition placed in the three different formats – but always with the same result.

The odds at a New Zealand betting site will traditionally be displayed in decimal as 4.0. That means if you stake $100 and the Blues win, your return will be $400.

If the bet was presented using fractional odds, as used in the United Kingdom and Ireland, it would be 3/1. You get three times your stake, plus the stake returned, for a total of $400. Similarly, the bet in American odds format would be +300. You stake $100 and get $300 back plus your stake for a total return of $400.

You can see how all three odds formats compare using our free online bet calculator.

Top sports in New Zealand


Rugby is the national sport of New Zealand. The All Blacks, the legendary national team, dictate the mood of the nation and are widely considered the best in the world. They’ve been world champions three times (1987, 2011 and 2015), a source of intense pride in a country where rugby is played and followed through domestic competitions in all corners of the land.

The appetite for rugby extends well beyond New Zealand’s shores to include matches in domestic and international competitions all over the world. As a result, rugby is a source of great interest for visitors to New Zealand betting sites.

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