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Your guide to cricket betting online

Cricket is one of the world’s leading sports. It commands the devotion of millions of fans who love the slow-burning drama of a five-day Test as much as the crash-bang thrills of a one-day clash. Millions more relish the chance to enjoy cricket betting on the outcome of top action.

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Top competitions


It seems incredible that the IPL (Indian Premier League) launched as recently as 2008. It’s the major domestic competition in the world and attracts the greatest that the game has to offer. Millions of dollars are wagered on cricket match betting throughout the season as the IPL has quickly established itself as one of the leading betting events in the world.

Even 2021’s mid-season break, due to the pandemic, hasn’t halted its appeal. The likes of Rohit Sharma and Jonny Bairstow are still there and of the eight franchises competing, the Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals, in particular, are putting in exceptional performances.

Cricket bets explained

To Win the Match (Moneyline)

One of the simplest forms of cricket match betting – just decide which side you think will win and place your wager accordingly. Please note, though, that while there is always a winner in one-day cricket, Test matches can, on very rare occasions, be tied.

Cricket betting FAQs

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