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How to bet on politics online

A public thirst to bet on complex political topics and scenarios has emerged – in 2020 one bettor placed a single $1.29 million bet on Joe Biden to win the US Presidential election. The popularity of political betting in locations where it is legal has forced online sportsbooks to offer a variety of political betting markets that include presidential and mayoral races, and even key words said in important speeches.

Best sportsbooks for betting on politics


Politics: Most popular markets

The US 2024 presidential election odds are already available at certain political betting sites. These election odds will look a lot different closer to election time but like any other future bet, the possible returns are usually higher at the beginning of the race.

The crazy nature of the US presidential race has had a lot to do with the popularity of political betting. Donald Trump was a +475 underdog on election night before his come-from-behind win in 2016 and a whopping +15,000 on Oct 11, 2013. Some betting sites have reported more action on the 2020 presidential election than any other sporting event in history.

Looking at the 2024 presidential election predictions and odds, vice-president Kamala Harris has similar odds (+350) to current president Joe Bidden (+400), while Trump sits third at +650. Some other notable players in the race are Jeff Bezos (+2000), Michelle Obama (+3300), Mark Cuban (+5000), and Elon Musk (+10,000).

Politics bets explained

Use our playbook to hone your betting skills.

Futures Bets/Outright Winner

A future bet, or outright winner, is a wager on a future event. A big reason for the popularity of online political betting is the simplicity. All we need to do is pick the winner of the race or election. Most outcomes are very straightforward with little to no gray area. They may take a year or two to see a result, but early future odds may be worth it.

Is betting on politics legal?

Yes, political betting is legal across most of the world. Politics has been one of the oldest things we as humans have bet on. Betting on elections can be traced back to the late 19th century and has never been more popular than it is now.

Around the globe, the rise and popularity of political betting has it being offered at a strong majority of major books.

In some countries, however, such as the United States, betting on politics is illegal. No licensed sportsbook anywhere in the US will offer odds on an upcoming election or any other political betting market. Under federal law, Americans are not allowed to gamble on politics, so US sportsbooks will not offer these markets.

Political betting tips

Being informed is always beneficial when wagering on political outcomes. Social media usually moves faster than other sources of news and staying on top of current affairs can go a long way in turning a profit.

Another very important strategy is to have multiple books. Not all politics betting sites have the same odds and some books can be slow to change their prices. Getting to a line before it changes is never a bad thing. Shop around and find the best value.

Broaden your information sources. Sometimes we can fall into a trap of getting our news from one major source. This can lead to narrow views on certain political events. If you want to back your guy, there is nothing wrong with that, but obtaining all the information you can before placing a bet will help us in the long run.

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