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With 82 games per team, per season, totaling an impressive 1,271 matchups (not including postseason drama), the volume and thrills for NHL betting online are matched by few sports. Games can swing in either direction very quickly, and you can be a part of this excitement using the best NHL betting sites.

5/29/2022, 12:00 AM
Carolina @
NY Rangers
NY Rangers
5/30/2022, 12:00 AM
St. Louis
St. Louis @
5/31/2022, 12:00 AM
NY Rangers
NY Rangers @

Last updated: May 28, 12:09 AM UTC

NHL Picks

No matter your NHL betting experience, you can often take advantage of different promotions offered by various NHL betting sites. Depending on the promotion, you may be able receive cash back into your account or even make a wager for free.

These offers are available at different times during the season and before big events. Sportsbooks are highly competitive with one another and want to be your choice for NHL public betting.

The most important thing to remember is to compare offers to ensure that you get the best deal possible. Promotions are a smart way to pad your bankroll, but they often come with requirements of which you should be aware.

An example would be a sportsbook that offers you a bonus based on your first deposit. However, you might have to make a certain number of bets before you can withdraw your money. With the proper research, you can find the deal that works best for you.

NHL odds

Odds Settings
May 29, 22 @ 12:00 AM UTC
Carolina @
NY Rangers
NY Rangers
May 30, 22 @ 12:00 AM UTC
St. Louis
St. Louis @
May 31, 22 @ 12:00 AM UTC
NY Rangers
NY Rangers @

Odds updated: May 28, 12:14 AM UTC

What is the Stanley Cup?

The Stanley Cup is one of the oldest and most coveted honors in all of sports. It was first awarded back in 1893 and is given every season to the champion of the National Hockey League (NHL). The trophy itself is iconic, and each year, it is engraved with the name of every player and coach from the newest champion. The best NHL betting sites allow you to join the action and be a part of a passionate group of bettors who love to wager on a sport that is popular the world over.

Reigning champions

Logo Hockey NHL tb

2021 Stanley Cup winners

Tampa Bay Lightning

The reigning 2021 Stanley Cup Champions are the Tampa Bay Lighting. When the NHL Stanley Cup odds were published, the Lightning were the favorites, and they beat the Montreal Canadiens four games to one in the final. Even though they started as favorites, it was only Tampa’s third Stanley Cup win in franchise history.

Previous Winner Generic Winner

Stanley Cup MVP

Andrei Vasilevskiy

Tampa Bay Lightning goaltender Andrei Vasilevskiy won the Conn Smythe trophy as the Most Valuable Player during the NHL playoffs. The ever reliable Vasilevskiy closed out Game 5 impressively with a shutout on 22 saves.

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2021 Eastern Conference winner

Tampa Bay Lightning

The Eastern Conference is one of two conferences in the NHL and was once known as the Prince of Wales Conference. It features 16 teams in total. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference-based playoffs were not held and the Prince of Wales Trophy was awarded to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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2021 Western Conference winner

Montreal Canadiens

The Western Conference is one of two conferences in the NHL. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference-based playoffs were not held and the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl was awarded to the Montreal Canadiens.

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2021 season MVP

Connor McDavid

Connor McDavid bagged the Hart Trophy as the NHL MVP in the 2021 season. The Edmonton Oilers centre has three times been the leading scorer in the league and won the Ted Lindsay Award three times as the best player. Another Oilers player, forward Leon Draisaitl, won the Hart Trophy in 2020.

NHL: Most popular markets

In the NHL, 16 of the 32 teams will make the Stanley Cup playoffs each season. By the time April rolls around and the top teams have been identified through their regular season play, the NHL Vegas odds for teams to win the Cup have been sharpened and dropped significantly since the start of the year.

Many bettors like to make their Stanley Cup betting picks as the season is just beginning. Doing your homework in the pre-season allows a gambler to capitalize on odds that haven’t been shortened by sportsbooks over the course of 82 regular season games.

When it comes to Stanley Cup betting, most hockey fans recognize the Tampa Bay Lighting (+450 to win the Cup) and the Colorado Avalanche (+450) have excellent teams and are expected to go all the way. The savvy gambler might know the Carolina Hurricanes have made the playoffs in three straight seasons, lost to the eventual Stanley Cup Champions last year and might also be good value at +1100 to win this year.

NHL standings

  • Division
  • Atlantic
  • Metropolitan
  • All Divisions
Atlantic GP W L Otl Sol Pts G GA Home Away Ats OU
1 Florida Florida 82 58 18 2 4 122 340 246 34-7-0-0 24-11-2-4 41-40 44-29
2 Toronto Toronto 82 54 21 6 1 115 315 253 31-8-2-0 23-13-4-1 39-43 45-30
3 Tampa Bay Tampa Bay 82 51 23 3 5 110 287 233 27-8-2-4 24-15-1-1 38-44 44-36
4 Boston Boston 82 51 26 3 2 107 255 220 26-13-2-0 25-13-1-2 33-49 36-39
5 Buffalo Buffalo 82 32 39 8 3 75 232 290 17-18-3-3 15-21-5-0 47-35 40-35
6 Detroit Detroit 82 32 40 8 2 74 230 312 18-16-6-1 14-24-2-1 35-47 45-33
7 Ottawa Ottawa 82 33 42 5 2 73 227 266 15-22-2-2 18-20-3-0 45-37 33-44
8 Montreal Montreal 82 22 49 9 2 55 221 319 11-26-3-1 11-23-6-1 39-43 46-33

Last updated: May 27, 11:21 PM UTC

Hockey bets explained


A moneyline bet is the most common wager that hockey bettors make and can be placed on all hockey betting sites. You are simply betting on the winner of each game. The odds are centered on a $100 bet (although you can bet any amount that you wish) and are adjusted based on which team is the favorite and which team is the underdog.

Live betting on the NHL

Just because an NHL game is underway doesn’t mean you can’t still place a bet on the best NHL betting sites. Live betting provides hockey fans with a way to add to their bankroll, betting as the action takes place. Many bettors prefer live betting because it allows them to take advantage of shifting odds as events in a game unfold.

For example, if you take the NHL lines and have a pregame bet on the favorite, but that team is trailing after one period, you might bet again on the same team because you still believe they will win. However, because they are losing when you place your second wager, you get longer odds and better value.

NHL betting promotions

Parlay Insurance

Parlay Insurance is a promotion that refunds your stake if one leg of your parlay misses (usually meaning you lose your bet). Your parlay will generally have to include at least four or five teams, however, it is a nice way to ease the loss of a parlay that does not go as planned.

NHL Goal Bonus

An NHL goal bonus is a promotion that awards you bonus money for every goal that your team scores. To participate in this promotion, your initial bet must meet a minimum amount that is determined by the NHL betting site of your choice.

Profit Boost

A profit boost is just what is sounds like. The best NHL betting sites will “boost” your payout by a certain percentage, provided you win your bet. For these types of promotions, there is almost always a limit on how much you can wager because sportsbooks want to protect their liability.

Free Live Hockey Bet

A free live hockey bet is money that a sportsbook gives you to place on an in-game bet if you make a pregame wager beforehand. The money can often be used to bet on any live game and not just the one on which you made your pregame wager.

Risk-free Bet

A risk-free bet is money that is credited to your account after you sign up to use a sportsbook for the first time. If you are successful with your bet using this money, then you win as normal. However, even if you lose this bet, the money goes back into your account in the form of credit for another bet, although it cannot be converted into cash to withdraw.

Early Payout

For straight bets, an early payout marks your wager as a winner and pays you out in full if the team on which you bet ever jumps out to a 3-0 lead – even if the opposing team comes back to win the game.

NHL Betting FAQs

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