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Your guide to hockey betting online

Few pro sports can equal the thrill that comes with hockey betting. The action is so fast paced and unpredictable that momentum changes rapidly, and even the biggest of leads doesn’t always guarantee a victory. It’s why so many people enjoy hockey betting online, so to help guide you, here’s hockey odds explained.

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The NHL (National Hockey League) was officially formed in 1917 in Montreal, but the sport’s rich history goes back even further. It’s especially popular all over the world in countries that regularly experience colder weather, with Canada, Russia and South Korea all having huge NHL fan bases.

With 82 games a season for each team – 41 home and 41 away – totaling an impressive 1,271 games (not including the postseason), there are literally hundreds of opportunities for bettors to take part in NHL hockey betting online. The league began with six franchises, known as the “Original Six,” but today there are 31 NHL teams split into two conferences.

Hockey bets explained


A moneyline bet is the most common wager that hockey bettors make and can be placed on all hockey betting sites. You are simply betting on the winner of each game. The odds are centered on a $100 bet (although you can bet any amount that you wish) and are adjusted based on which team is the favorite and which team is the underdog.

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