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South Africa online sports betting laws

South Africans love sport. Rugby, soccer and cricket are massively important to the people of the Rainbow Nation. Now they can get even more closely involved to the action, thanks to the huge growth in online sports betting in South Africa in recent years.

Is sports betting legal in South Africa?

Online sports betting in South Africa is legal and perfectly safe. However, that should not be taken as an indication that the country takes a liberal and wide-open approach to gambling in general. Gambling in South Africa has always been heavily restricted. Indeed, the Gambling Act of 1965 officially banned all forms of gambling except betting on horse racing.

By the mid-1990s, the government had relaxed this ban to the extent of allowing a few dozen heavily restricted gambling licenses between the nine regional authorities. The dawn of the digital age and the growth of online betting presented a new challenge to the legislators.

Online sports betting is now allowed – provided you gamble with a sportsbook licensed to trade in South Africa. This is a sole exception to the rule of law. As recently as September 2020, the National Gambling Board of South Africa issued a statement making it “emphatically clear” that no online gambling activity is legal in the country except online sports betting.

There are now more than 50 sites offering online sports betting in South Africa. Some of them are local operations, others are international household names of the wagering world. This variety ensures that there is a wide availability of organizations offering online betting in South Africa. You can be confident you will be able to access markets for both domestic and international sporting events.

As you might expect in a nation where gambling is so heavily regulated, there is a strong focus on responsible gambling in South Africa. The South African Responsible Gambling Foundation offers free and confidential treatment and counseling to those affected by problem gambling.

South Africa is a nation that absolutely adores sport, a place where people are passionate about following the fortunes of their national soccer, rugby and cricket teams. And it’s a nation whose people take a strong interest in the major sporting events taking place across the rest of the world. Inevitably, there is also a strong interest in gambling on those events - and you can be assured that online sports betting in South Africa is legal.

If you’re looking to bet in South Africa, we encourage you to make absolutely sure that you are wagering with one of the best South Africa betting sites, one that is fully licensed to operate in the territory.

What odds format is used in South Africa?

Decimal odds

You will notice, when you visit the best South Africa betting sites, that they present odds in a decimal format. This is in contrast to the other two methods for expressing odds that are used around the world.

Let’s take the example of a bet on the Sharks to win rugby union’s Currie Cup, South Africa betting sites might quote you odds of 5.0. That means if you stake $100, you will win $500. This is in contrast to fractional odds, as used in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The same bet would be quoted to you as 4/1 – you win four times your stake and your stake is returned, a total of $500.

The third form is American odds, which is employed most often in the USA. In the above example, the Sharks would be quoted at +400, meaning if you stake $100 your return is $400 plus your stake. You can see how all three formats compare using our free online bet calculator .

Top sports in South Africa


People across South African society adore soccer, or football as it’s known there. It’s played everywhere from the townships to the richest suburbs of the major cities. Millions of fans follow local teams, as well as the biggest names in the game in the top leagues in Europe and South America.

Hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2010 gave the beautiful game in South Africa a big boost, and players from the country have starred at the highest level in recent years. Soccer now attracts a large amount of interest at South Africa betting sites.

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