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Bryan has 20 year's experience in the betting industry, spending most of that time stuck behind odds comparison and betting exchange screens working out probabilities. He specialises in golf betting but loves wagering on the footy and wherever else he can find good positive expectation bets. 


Bryan has been involved in sports betting and poker at a high level for several years and owns the Nicspicks golf betting site and the Sharp Sports Bettors betting education website. He now dedicates a large part of his time and work to enjoying writing educational betting content and previews to help other bettors on their journey.He pioneered the course fit and progressive form ratings and models in golf betting and is now the Author of two best selling books on sports betting: "Angles and Edges" and "Hypnotised by Numbers". Bryan has written content for and consulted with a number of big name brands and syndicate players.


Usually down the pub in Dublin in his (little) spare time


  • Golf betting, odds compiling/ handicapping

  • Educational material and writing books

  • Prop betting and market dynamics

  • Texas Holdem Poker

  • Advanced probability theory/ qualitative analysis

Favorite bet of all-time

Not sure taking West Ham from division one in football manager to beating Barcelona in the final of the Champions League can be topped but from a betting perspective, nabbing a very much off the radar James Rodriguez at 200/1 for top scorer in the world cup 2014 sticks out. A little known Patrick Reed at 3 figs in the Humana Challenge also gave birth to the hashtag #GetGreedyWithReedy

Most heartbreaking bet

Hedging is strongly advised by Bryan in the sports betting arena to minimise variance and grow the bankroll efficiently but some near misses and bad beats at the poker tables and daily fantasy tourneys can hit pretty hard. He also advises against making "ghost" bets and spending an hour looking for the winning bet slip when it hits!