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Vinny is a well-known player within the tennis betting scene, establishing himself as one of the elite, long-term winning betting services on Twitter. He loves to write and spread his knowledge which goes all the way down to ITF level.

Having competed in several sports, Vinny can get a read on both the physical and the mental aspect of the game. A good bet should always come with elaborate reasoning. Whenever Vinny comes up with a preview, he covers all the angles. From pure statistics to style matchups up to interviews and social media posts. Following the yellow ball day in, day out, Vinny tries to stay ahead of the curve by scouting new talent on all tours. Betting into underdogs and outright markets, he doesn’t aim for a particular percentage of bets won as he’s convinced that bettors can still be profitable when winning less than 50% of their bets.


After betting professionally since 2015, Vinny decided to put his name out there on Twitter two years later. When adding little writeups to his picks, websites like The Player, Ace Tennis Previews and OddsChecker became aware of him. While it’s tough to get a preview out for every pick as a high-volume bettor, Vinny continued to track all his bets ever since he joined social media. Four of the five years he provided picks ended up in profit, with an overall ROI of 5% over more than 15,000 bets.


With travel restrictions in place for much of the last couple of years, Vinny has uncharacteristically spent more time at home in Germany than at tennis tournaments.


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Favorite bet of all-time

As scouting is one of Vinny’s biggest strengths, he had the mad idea to bet 19-year-old Jeļena Ostapenko, who had never won a WTA event before, to win the 2017 French Open at +20000 odds. The outcome was historic and encouraged Vinny to pay even more attention to outright markets.

Most heartbreaking bet

There have been many heartbreaking losses throughout Vinny’s betting career, mostly those 10-leg-parlays losing by that last leg with the highest win probability. All these losses eventually dissuaded him from betting huge parlays, making him a better sports bettor overall.