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UFC bets explained

To win fight

This is the most straightforward bet you will find at UFC betting sites. Which of the fighters do you think will emerge victorious from the Octagon? Simply make your choice after studying the form and the odds available and place a wager in line with your judgment.

Method of victory

There are several ways in which a UFC bout can end, including knockout, technical knockout, submission or a points verdict. You will find UFC betting odds on each of those outcomes – select the method in which you think the fight will end and place your stake accordingly.

Round betting

Standard UFC fights consist of three five-minute rounds. In championship bouts, there are five. If you choose to predict in which round the fight will finish – regardless of who you think the winner will be – you will be able to find UFC odds for that result.

When will fight end

This is similar to round betting, except that this market includes the option for the fight to go the full distance and be decided on points. When you have assessed the UFC betting odds on the various outcomes and made your selection, you will be able to back your choice.

Method and round combination

A slightly more complicated wager, in that you have to predict two things. How will the fight end, and at what stage? You will find UFC betting lines that include all the various combinations and it will provide an extra interest as the action unfolds.

Total rounds

If you think you know how long a bout will last, this offers you an over/under option. The sportsbook will set a number of rounds; if you believe the fight will last more than that, you go “over” and if you think it will be over more quickly, the “under” is for you.

Fight to go the distance

UFC betting sites will offer you a simple yes/no option. Will the fight last the full number of rounds? The sportsbook will present odds on each of the two outcomes and you decide – using your knowledge of the fighters involved – which to wager on.

Method of victory double chance

When you believe a fighter will prevail, but really can’t decide how they will do so, this is for you. Instead of having to back a single method of victory, you will be able to choose UFC odds covering two ways in which your pick will win, doubling your chance of a return.

Most popular weight divisions men

It’s all action in the Octagon when the big men get stuck into each other – and heavyweight fights are among the most popular when it comes to UFC betting. Fighters from Brazil and the US have dominated this division since 2005, with America’s Stipe Miocic taking the title for the second time in 2019.

Miocic had lost his crown to compatriot Daniel Cormier in 2018, but took revenge the following year when he beat his fellow American with a fourth-round technical knockout. However, Miocic's second title reign came to a crashing end at the heavy hands of Francis Ngannou, the Cameroonian fighter has the hardest recorded punch in UFC history, and is still improving his all-round MMA game, a scary thought for the rest of the division.

UFC betting promotions

Enhanced odds

Keep a sharp eye on UFC online betting sites in the countdown to a fight. Sportsbooks may enhance their odds on a particular market – and an outcome you were thinking of backing anyway suddenly becomes even more lucrative. These offers are sometimes short-lived, in which case, just like Demetrious Johnson in his prime, you must move fast.

Money back if the fight goes the distance

It’s disappointing when you have wagered on a bout to finish in a particular round or method and both fighters are still on their feet when the fight finishes. However, this promotion offers you some insurance; if the fight goes to a verdict you’ll get your stake back, either in cash or as a free bet.

Money back if the fight finishes in a tie

Ties are not commonplace in UFC but they do happen. If this offer applies and you back a fighter to win, you’ll get your stake back either as cash or in the form of a free bet, if the fight ends in a stalemate.

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