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Chris Cochran summary

Chris is a popular handicapper within the basketball, football and baseball betting seasons with a primary focus on NBA , MLB and NFL betting. Chris is the host of the ChrisBeCappinn show on both YouTube and Twitter where he provides betting insight and analysis while also sharing his picks daily. Chris also provides write ups and videos for his plays that are posted on his Twitter, YouTube and website.


An avid sports fan for nearly three decades, Chris has been watching and playing sports religiously for quite some time. Betting seriously on sports began for Chris in early 2021 when gambling started to become legalized in more states within the US. However, placing wagers at land based casinos during visits to New Jersey and Las Vegas started much earlier in his sports betting career.


Chris is currently located in Virginia within the US, which grants him access to more than a dozen regulated and licensed sportsbooks. When traveling, Chris enjoys spending time in Las Vegas and making in-person wagers at his favorite land-based casinos.


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Favorite bet of all time

During the 2021 NBA Playoffs, fading the Utah Jazz was heavily included in Chris’ plans to cash on the dysfunctional team dynamics not always seen in the scouting report. However their first round opponent, the Dallas Mavericks, were without their All-NBA talent PG Luka Doncic for the first few games of the series. This made the series a bit more difficult to handicap. With the Mavs looking to close out the Jazz in Utah in game 6, the spread for the Mavs opened and stayed at -1 for the entirety of the day. To speed the story up, Chris bet the Mavs -1 at -102 odds to win his biggest wager ever as Bogdanovic missed a wide-open game winning shot as time expired.

Most heart-breaking bet

When sports betting, heartbreaking bets or 'bad beats' are inevitable long term. Like most handicappers that have experienced bad outcomes, not one really sticks out.