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Soccer moneyline betting explained

When you want a simple way to bet on soccer, the moneyline is for you. Who do you think will win? No handicaps or spreads, just a straightforward choice on a soccer match result. It couldn’t be easier. Also known as a match result bet, moneyline betting is the most popular bet in soccer.

What is soccer moneyline betting?

If you want a simple bet on a soccer match result, then soccer moneyline betting online offers you that choice. You select the team you think will win and place your bet accordingly.

The sportsbook will make it clear how much you will win, depending on the odds it sets for a particular soccer match result.

In soccer betting, unlike most US sports, there are three outcomes: win, lose or draw. So the bet is a three-way market, not just two.

You can also include soccer moneyline betting online in parlays , which combine several match outcomes in a single wager and provide bigger odds. If you select all the results correctly, your winnings will be much bigger too.

How to place a soccer moneyline bet

When you want to enjoy soccer moneyline betting online, a sportsbook will display three sets of odds for each of the teams involved in the match.

These will typically be expressed in the form of a $100 bet, for example:

Manchester UnitedDrawManchester City

Based on the odds shown above, if you think Manchester United will win, a $100 bet will return $235 plus your stake, a total of $335.

If you think Manchester City, the favorite, will win, you need to stake $116 to win $100 – returning a total of $216.

Betting $100 on the draw (tie) will return $255, plus your $100 stake – a total of $355.

This doesn’t mean you have to bet $100. You can wager any amount you like. Our Odds Calculator will help you work out how much you will win, based on the size of your stake.

The simplicity of the bet is what makes soccer moneyline betting online so popular with bettors all over the world.

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