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MLB point spread betting explained

The idea behind MLB point spread betting, also known as betting the run line, is simple. Bet on the favorite if you think that team will win by more than the spread given. Bet on the underdog if you think that team will not lose by more than the spread.

Unlike point spreads in most sports, when you bet MLB point spreads, the odds are sometimes more profitable than betting the moneyline. Sound fun? We’ll tell you everything you need to know to get started with MLB point spread betting online.

What is MLB point spread betting?

An MLB point spread bet, also known as a run line bet, is like traditional point spread betting in that you are betting on the margin of victory or defeat for a team.

If we take the spread on the favorite, we are betting that they will win by more than the number listed (which is usually 1.5). When we take the underdog, we are betting that they will not lose by more than that number.

Unlike a moneyline bet, the odds on MLB point spreads can be positive (+) or negative (–) for favorites. So, by betting that the favorite will win by more than the spread, we will often receive a higher pay-out than had we picked a winner straight up.

Taking MLB point spreads in a parlay rather than the winner straight up is also a great way to increase your potential pay-out.

How to place an MLB point spread bet

To see how to bet on MLB points spreads, let’s look at a game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros with the following betting line:

TeamMoneylineRun Line (point spread)
Dodgers-200-1.5 (+125)
Astros+180+1.5 (-170)

For the purpose of the example, the hypothetical wager is going to be $100. We do not have to wager $100, of course. We can bet whatever amount we want and just use our bet calculator to figure out what we would win.

If we were to bet the point spread on the Dodgers and win, we would win $125. But if we had bet the moneyline instead, we would have just won $50. Had we taken the point spread on the Astros and won, we would have won $58.82.

However, had we bet the moneyline and won, the pay-out would have been $180. Sometimes MLB point spread betting online can pay well and sometimes it doesn’t.

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