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NHL parlay betting explained

If betting on individual outcomes can make NHL games more exciting, it’s not hard to imagine what betting on multiple games can do for the game day experience – and the winnings you could bank in the process. If you’re ready for higher risk, but also higher rewards, then you need NHL parlays in your locker.

What is NHL parlay betting?

NHL parlay betting involves making multiple bets, which are referred to as legs, that combine to make a single wager. The more legs you have in a parlay, the higher your overall odds will be, and the more you stand to win should that wager be successful.

Some prop bets can be used in parlays, but not all. Typically, an NHL parlay can consist of point spread , over/under, and moneyline bets. Make a single wager on each market and your chances of winning are higher, but your payout will be lower. However, as you combine each leg into one wager – a parlay – the odds multiply, and, although much harder to predict correctly, you stand to win more if you do.

The rewards in NHL parlay betting are always offset by the risk, since you will lose the bet if you miss out on one leg. Yes, the bigger reward makes the opportunities involved with NHL parlay betting sites exciting, however, always remember it comes with a greater chance of losing.

How to place an NHL parlay bet

The following are the betting lines from an NHL parlay betting site on a single game day:

Puck Line-- for OT and shootoutTotal-- for OT and shootoutMoneyline-- for OT and shootout
Sabres-1.5 (+195)O 6.0 (-103)-124
Capitals+1.5 (-240)U 6.0 (-120)+106
Golden Knights-1.5 (+150)O 5.5 (-107)-175
Coyotes+1.5 (-182)U 5.5 (-114)+148
Maple Leafs+1.5 (-265)O 6.0 (-118)+102
Flames-1.5 (+210)U 6.0 (-103)-118
Rangers+1.5 (-210)O 6.5 (-115)+118
Penguins-1.5 (+175)U 6.5 (-106)-137
Islanders-1.0 (-106)O 5.5 (+106)-175
Devils+1.0 (-113)U 5.5 (-129)+148

Let’s make a five-leg parlay with one of the NHL parlay betting sites by picking the Sabres to win, the over on the Golden Knights-Coyotes game, the Flames against the spread, the Rangers to win, and the under on the Islanders-Devils game – all highlighted above.

In this example, you opt to bet $100 (you can, of course, bet any amount you want). If you miss on one leg or more you win nothing. However, should you correctly predict each leg, the payout will be $4,092.54.

To calculate parlay odds yourself, convert the odds for each leg to decimal form (if they aren’t already), and multiply each one together for the overall odds – but it can get complicated. Let us do the hard work for you and just add everything into our bet calculator to see your return.

Why try NHL parlay betting rather than make a separate bet on each leg? Firstly, you would have had to risk $100 on each leg, a much more significant overall stake. Plus, if you had won each bet as individual bets, your return would have been just $579.63.

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