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NHL over/under betting explained

When we make an NHL over/under bet we are essentially asking one question: Will these two teams score more or fewer goals than a given total? But to make sure you are ready and confident on game day, here’s all you need to know about over/under betting.

What is NHL over/under betting?

NHL over/under betting, or total betting, is a great way to get into sports betting without having to pick a winner. With an NHL over/under bet, you are not picking one team to score a certain number of goals or to win, you are picking whether both teams will score more or less goals combined than a given number.

The over/under is normally set between 5 and 8 goals in the NHL, and almost always splits a whole number, i.e., 5.5, to avoid the possibility of a “push”, where the total amount of goals scored equals the total and results in a return of the stake.

You’ll also find that, typically, all NHL over/under bets are based on the total number of goals for the entire game. However, some sportsbooks will also offer odds specific to just one period.

NHL over/under betting online is one of the three most common bets you’ll find on any sportsbook site, and like a moneyline and point spread bet, there are always odds listed for both choices. But while an NHL over/under is all about goals, moneyline and point spread bets are focused on winning and losing.

NHL over/unders can also be included in a parlay and are a great way to increase the number of legs, and the potential payout.

How to place an NHL over/under bet

Let’s make a hypothetical $100 bet on the over/under when the Ottawa Senators visit the Vancouver Canucks:

Puck Line (including OT and shootout)Total (including OT and shootout)Moneyline (including OT and shootout)
Senators+1.5 (-205)O 6.5 (-103)+132
Canucks-1.5 (+170)U 6.5 (-118)-152

If we’re feeling like this could be a strong offensive game for both teams and goals will be scored, we would take the over. To win our bet, we need both teams to combine for at least seven goals (as that’s more than the 6.5 goals set above). If they do, then we bank $97.09 in profit. Had you taken the under and they scored just six, then we would have won $84.75.

In NHL over/under betting, it’s normally like betting the favorite on a moneyline, with the odds represented by the negative sign ‘-‘, meaning you would have to bet the figure to win $100.

How do you calculate your winnings? If you want to do the math by hand you can. But why not just use our bet calculator and let it do the hard work for you?

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