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Soccer over/under betting explained

Betting on soccer over/unders online is as simple as it sounds. All you need to do is select whether you think there will be more (over) or fewer (under) goals during a match than the number the sportsbook puts up.

What is soccer over/under betting?

Soccer over/unders betting is an easy way to get closer to the action. The sportsbook sets the total number of goals – or other events – during a match. You then decide if there will be more or fewer than that number and place your bet.

You may think a match is going to be very close, so picking a winner is tricky. But you’re sure, based on the offensive and defensive records of each side, that there will be plenty of goals.

If a sportsbook sets a total of 2.5 and you think there will be at least three goals scored, you bet the over. If you think there will be less, then bet the under.

Events such as corners, yellow cards and even the total shirt numbers of the goalscorers can also be markets of soccer over/unders betting.

Over/unders can be as easy as the moneyline . But unlike the moneyline, it doesn’t matter who wins or loses, all that counts is how many times something happens. It’s also simple to add your soccer over/unders online into a parlay that combines several bets into one.

How to place a soccer over/under bet

You can get the hang of soccer over/unders betting online really quickly. Check out the number a sportsbook has put up for the total goals in a match; this is usually 2.5.

The total in an over/under bet nearly always ends in .5 to ensure a result either way – there is no such thing as half a goal in soccer!

The market will look like this:

Total Goals 2.5

Based on the odds shown above, if you feel this will be a high-scoring game, you bet the “over” and will have to stake $110 to win $100.

If you believe there will be no more than two goals, bet the “under” and again a $110 bet will win you $100.

Remember, $110 is just a standard indicator, you can bet any amount you like. Check out our Odds Calculator to see how much you would win based on your stake.

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