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NBA parlay betting explained

Bet small, win big, that’s the beauty of NBA Parlay betting. With up to 15 NBA games tipping off every day, the chances to capitalize are plentiful. Don’t be fooled, they’re harder to win than a standard single bet, but expect a much higher return from a small stake if your NBA parlay betting picks do land.

What is NBA parlay betting?

An NBA parlay bet online is any bet that involves wagering on the outcome of more than one event or proposition. As you pick more legs, sometimes called selections, for your bet, the odds of each are multiplied together to offer a bigger overall price. However, in order to cash in on a parlay bet, all of the legs need to be successful.

NBA parlay bets are great because they often return higher potential payouts than single bets. Placing a bet on multiple markets, over multiple games, can require a large bankroll, but with an NBA parlay strategy, it’s a great way to make your original stake go further. Bigger odds mean you can risk less and win more, but importantly for any fan, it also means you can still have skin in multiple NBA games.

What happens if one or more legs is a tie, postponed, incomplete, or cancelled? Your NBA parlay reverts to the next lowest number. A five-team parlay, for example, which has four winners and a tie, will pay out as a four-team parlay. A two-team parlay, where one team wins and one ties, becomes a single bet.

How to place an NBA parlay bet

An NBA parlay bet is multiple wagers (at least two) treated as a single bet. Each part of the bet is called a leg, and if any of those legs lose, the entire parlay loses.

You can parlay different markets within the same wager too, for instance, moneyline wagers with over/unders bets in the same game.

An example of this in an NBA game would be taking the Golden State Warriors moneyline (-110), with the Under 217.5 (-110). A $100 wager would win you $264.46.

When placing NBA parlay picks, you do not have to wager $100. You can bet any amount you want. Our odds calculator can help you determine how much you would win based on the amount you bet.

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