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NBA moneyline betting explained

We’ve all been making moneyline wagers even before we knew what they were. With NBA moneyline betting you are simply selecting which team you think will win the game. Used by beginners and professional bettors alike, these are the most straightforward wagers to place, and by far the most popular type of sports bet.

What is NBA moneyline betting?

NBA moneyline betting is placing a wager on which team you think is going to win the game. Unlike with spread wagers , the margin of victory does not matter – a win is a win.

With NBA moneyline betting online each team is given a separate numerical value for bettors to wager on – these are your odds and are determined by oddsmakers and sportsbooks on how likely a team is to win. Each number is displayed with a minus sign before it (-) indicating the favorite, or a plus sign (+) showing the underdog.

You can also place a parlay bet on NBA moneyline wagers. With a parlay bet , you combine all your selections into a single wager, but all your selections within that bet must hit in order for it to succeed.

How to place an NBA moneyline bet

NBA moneyline betting requires you to pick which team will outright win the game. Let’s look at a typical example online:

Los Angeles Lakers-200
Golden State Warriors+100

NBA moneyline wagers will have the favorite in any given game listed with a negative number, e.g., -200, meaning that you have to bet that amount to win $100. Therefore, if you bet $100 on the Lakers and they win, you’ll get $150 in return.

NBA moneyline betting online will include the underdog with a positive number, e.g., +100. This means if successful, you will win that amount as profit on a $100 bet. A successful $100 bet on Golden State would win you $200.

When making NBA moneyline wagers, it’s worth knowing that you do not have to wager $100, it’s just the industry standard. You can bet any amount of your choosing. Our Odds Calculator will help you determine the amount you win based on the amount you bet.

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