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NFL over/under betting explained

Often referred to as totals, NFL over/under bets are wagers placed on the combined total score. Sportsbooks will set a number and we’ll bet whether the game goes over or under that total. Betting on NFL over/unders online keeps us involved all game and is one of the most common betting markets in the sport. If you bet the over, you don’t even have to worry about who wins, just enjoy all the points being scored.

What is NFL over/under betting?

NFL over/unders betting is wagering on the game’s final combined score – sometimes referred to as a total. The sportsbooks will set a number and we choose whether we think the final combined score will be below (under) or above (over) that set number. It takes a little more math, but NFL totals are one of the most popular betting markets as it allows bettors to be involved in every play of the game.

Unlike moneylines and spreads , NFL over/unders mean we are cheering for both teams – either to score or not. There aren’t many other types of bets that are as enjoyable as an over. Cheering for points to be scored is one of the best parts of sports betting.

We can also parlay (betting on more than one game) NFL over/unders with most NFL sportsbooks. This means the odds of each of our total picks would be multiplied together and then multiplied again by our wager amount. If one result loses, however, the whole bet does, too.

How to place an NFL over/under bet

Every NFL sportsbook should have over/under markets as they, along with moneyline and spreads, are the most common type of NFL bet.

Need some help in placing an over/under bet? First, sign up or log into your online betting account then look for the football section and find the NFL. Click the game you’d like to bet on and the total of the match should be right near the top.

For example, if the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants were playing and the total was 46.5, many books will list the bets as o46.5 (-113) and u46.5 (-107). The numbers in brackets are the American odds and vary between books. Here’s how it’s usually displayed:

Dallas Cowboys o46.5-113
New York Giants u46.5-107

If the final score of the game is 26-20, then the total number of points scored is 46 (remember, the winner is meaningless in total betting). If we wagered $100 on the over 46.5 (-113), we would lose our bet as the total combined score was 46 points and half a point under the total. If we had placed a $100 bet on the under 46.5 (-107), we would win $93, plus get back our initial wager back.

For ease, we used $100 as an example, but bettors should bet within their limits and only bet an amount they are comfortable with. Our odds calculator can help you determine how much you’d win based on the amount you bet.

NFL totals are usually given in American odds (E.g. -120). These can be confusing for some but can be converted to fractional or decimal odds using our odds converter.

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