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NFL parlay betting explained

With the global popularity of online sports betting rapidly on the rise, placing NFL parlay bets online has never been more popular. Almost every sportsbook offers NFL parlay betting which provides big returns with low risks. We just need to choose more than one winner.

What is NFL parlay betting?

An NFL parlay bet is a combination of multiple bets on one bet slip. Also referred to as an accumulator or a multiple, the odds of each game on a parlay are multiplied together and then multiplied again by our wager amount. NFL parlay bets give bettors much bigger payout odds than single-game bets. The potential rewards from a small stake, often make NFL parlay betting online a preferred option for recreational sports bettors.

Big payouts may be tempting, but parlays are not easy to win. Every game on the bet slip needs to win and if just one loses, we lose our wager.

In terms of an NFL parlay betting strategy, our bet can contain a combination of spreads , moneylines , totals , and/or prop bets. Each game on a parlay is often referred to as a leg. If there are five games on our NFL parlay bet, it could be called a five-leg parlay.

NFL parlay betting online is a great way to enjoy the game with low-stakes wagers that have the potential for large returns.

How to place an NFL parlay bet

With the explosion of online sports betting, almost every sportsbook offers NFL markets, including NFL parlay betting online.

Sign up or log onto your betting site and find football markets and the NFL. To create NFL parlay bets online, most books simply allow you to click on the bets you want to wager which automatically adds them to your parlay. These bets are usually found at the side of the page in your bet slip. A bet slip will show you all the games you chose, the odds for them as singles and as a parlay, and the potential payout.

Kansas City Chiefs-6.5 (-120)O 46.5 (-110)-120
Denver Broncos+6.5 (+120)U 46.5 (-110)+110
Philadelphia Eagles-6.5 (-110)O 46.5 (-110)-120
New York Giants+6.5 (+110)U 46.5 (-110)+110
Green Bay Packers-6.5 (-110)O 46.5 (-110)-120
Chicago Bears+6.5 (+110)U 46.5 (-110)+110

For example, if our NFL parlay betting picks are the Chiefs to win (-120), the Giants vs Eagles game to go over 46.5 (-110), and the Packers -6.5 on the spread (-110) all on one bet slip, our parlay odds would be +560 (-120 x -110 x -110 = +560) or (1.83 x 1.90 x 1.90 = 6.60). Three different bets, multiplied together.

A $100 bet on this three-team parlay would profit us $560 if all three bets win. If any of these three games lose, we would lose our $100 wager.

$100 is the standard bar for bets using American odds, but NFL parlay bettors can bet any amount they feel comfortable with and is within their limits.

Check out our handy betting odds calculator which shows us parlay odds and possible payout amounts.

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