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Bangladesh online sports betting laws

As the second most populated Islamic nation, you can probably imagine – gambling (other than on horse racing) is not allowed under the country's laws. Despite this, it is not uncommon for friends to wager with each other on the results of cricket, kabadi, carom and other sports. There are many other opportunities to gamble, too.

Bangladesh gambling law

Our gambling law dates to the era of British rule. The Public Gambling Act of 1867, initially created as an India gambling law and inherited by Pakistan, is the basis for our law. We declared this on 30 June, 1973 which was two years after our independence from Pakistan. At the time we also repealed section two, and amended sections three and four. It has been modified a few times to allow certain lotteries (rare), to clarify prize bonds are not gambling, and to add 21% tax charged to horse racing tote and bookmaker operators.

Under the law of the land, the penalty for being caught gambling is up to 1 month in prison and small fine of 100 taka ($1.25 USD). About a decade ago there was a push to increase the fine to 5000 taka. This never came to be and the law is only selectively enforced. This is despite the fact our constitution says “the State shall endeavor to prevent gambling and prostitution”.

Violating our own constitution, prostitution was legalized here in 2000. Furthermore: the pool-clubs, restaurants, and café’s people gather at to make spot bets on cricket are mostly well-known. The police only make occasional raids. It is as if this is to more dispel the idea our nation has rejected the Sunnah than to actually prevent non-halal activity. For a nation that is over 90% Islamic and renewed Islam as our national religion in 2011, this is in many ways Ironic. The fact however remains – Bangladeshi people like to and will continue to gamble.

Online betting in Bangladesh

Depositing and getting paid

Legal gambling in Bangladesh

As mentioned in the introduction, horse race betting is legal in Bangladesh. It might also be permissible under sharīʿah for reasons explained in my article on Pakistan betting law. Of course most Bangladeshi people do not live near a track so this might not be an option. What is an option is buying prize bonds.

Prize Bonds in Bangladesh

In June 1974 the government began issuing prize bonds, originally costing 10 taka per. These were increased to 50 taka bonds in 1985 and to their current cost of 100 taka per in 1995. These are bearer instruments the holder owns and can be redeemed for cash. These are in fact government debt and all bonds are issued by Central Bank of Bangladesh (Bangladesh Bank). These pay no interest but rather a drawing is held every three-month. Those holding the bond numbers drawn win a prize.

The scheme pays one prize each for first and second, two prizes each for third and forth and 40 prizes for fifth place per series. Each series has 10,00,000 bonds. In order to be eligible for the prize you must have held the bond for at least 60-days prior to its purchase.

Much more about prize bonds can be found Google searching. Also some questions are answered in the Prize Bond FAQ by Bangladesh Bank. In short this works much like playing the lottery. However because these are bearer instruments that represent government debt and can be redeemed, this is not considered gambling and is not a violation of Bangladeshi law.