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Bangladesh online sports betting laws

With a population of more than 165 million, many of whom share a fervent passion for cricket, sport is extremely popular in Bangladesh. Sports betting is, strictly speaking, completely illegal here but nevertheless, unlicensed sportsbooks are enjoying a thriving market place that goes unchecked by the authorities.

Is sports betting legal in Bangladesh?

As in many parts of Asia, the position regarding the legality of sports betting in Bangladesh is both very clear and deeply confusing. This is a strictly Muslim country, and gambling is viewed as both socially unacceptable and taboo under the tenets of Islam.

As a result, no form of gambling is allowed in Bangladesh, and you will not find any land-based casinos or betting shops anywhere in the country. However, there is no mention of online betting in the laws of the country. Many of these have not been updated since the Public Gaming Act concerning India was passed in 1867.

Given that this was more than a century before the advent of the digital age, there are no strictures whatsoever against the action of providing betting markets through the internet. Consequently, most observers view this activity as completely legitimate. And in recent years, some of the biggest names in the international bookmaking world have begun to offer their services to customers in Bangladesh.

Those services have been extremely welcome to sports fans in the country. In Bangladesh, cricket fever is as strong as in the neighboring cricket hotbeds of India and Pakistan . Millions of people have seized upon the opportunity to increase their involvement with their favorite sport by betting on cricket in huge volumes.

There are some precautions that anybody thinking of online sports betting in Bangladesh would be strongly advised to take, though. The first is to use a reputable, respected sportsbook that is licensed elsewhere, such as the UK or Malta, and that is known for treating customers fairly. It is also advisable to create a VPN (virtual private network) for your sports betting activity that will conceal your identity and location. Similarly, the best way to finance your sports betting is through an e-wallet provider such as Skrill or Neteller to distance the activity from your personal bank.

As in many Muslim countries in Asia, gambling is strictly forbidden – and yet, if you wager through an overseas website, you can do so with impunity. Sadly, the notional illegality of sports betting means there is little awareness of the need for responsible gambling. Only by introducing more regulation to this completely unregulated space would any measures to counter gambling problems be introduced.

What odds format is used in Bangladesh?

Decimal odds

Technically, there are no official bookmakers providing sports betting facilities to the millions in Bangladesh who want to wager on cricket, and other sports. And many of the customers who use offshore sportsbooks for their betting will be able to choose between odds formats to find their favorite.

But the default setting on websites here, as in most of the world, is for prices to be displayed in the decimal odds format. If you want to back Bangladesh to win a one-day international cricket match, for instance, the odds might be shown as 3.0. This means that, for every $10 you stake, you will win $30 if your pick is correct.

Other formats do not show the stake as part of your return. So in fractional odds, the format most popular in the UK and Ireland , the same bet would be shown as 2/1; and in moneyline odds, used in North America, it would be +200.

Top sports in Bangladesh


In Bangladesh, cricket is followed with an intense fervor. It is by far the most popular sport in the country. Spectators turn up in huge numbers to enjoy the action in the National Cricket League and the Bangladesh Premier League, the top T20 competition in the country.

Since Bangladesh joined the ranks of Test-playing nations in 2000, the stature of cricket has grown even higher here. Bangladesh cricket fans have savored the sight of their heroes competing at several Cricket World Cups, where they have taken some notable scalps – including that of England on their way to the quarter-finals in 2015.

Betting on cricket takes place on an industrial scale in Bangladesh and an enormous number of wagers are placed by Bangladesh cricket fans.

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