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United Arab Emirates online sports betting laws

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is home to the world’s richest thoroughbred race meeting, the Dubai World Cup Night, for which there is more than $20 million up for grabs in just six contests. So it may come as something of a surprise to find out about its strict gambling laws.

Betting laws in the United Arab Emirates

The UAE hosts the Dubai World Cup Night, with its $20 million up for grabs in just six contests. However, gambling is illegal in the Arab country, but in during our research of Asia we again find that some legitimate sites will accept the UAE. Currently, the most active gambling site in the UAE is Betway; an Asian specific brand that works with UAE countries. They are just big enough to not get IP blocked like larger sites such as SpinPalace.

UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

So seriously does the United Arab Emirates government take its prohibition of online gambling that it established the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and tasked it with producing the Internet Access Management policy, which outlines banned online content categories for Internet service providers. These categories include the following:

  • Internet tools for bypassing blocked content

  • Content for learning criminal skills and illegal drugs

  • Content containing pornography and nudity, gambling websites

  • Websites for hacking and malicious codes, content offensive to religions,

  • Phishing Internet sites – Internet content that downloads spyware

  • Websites providing unlicensed voice over Internet protocol services

  • Terrorism content and prohibited top-level domains, which is a reference to the il. domain.

Decrees and punishments

Sheikh Khalifa 2012 decree
Legal loopholes
Punishment for gambling