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Taiwan online sports betting laws

Online betting in Taiwan is very popular, as is the Taiwanese tradition of gambling Mahjong. Many people also enjoy sports betting, wagering Chinese chess and playing real money poker. For casino, trips for the purpose of gambling in Macau are routine, while approved lotteries and the country's sports lottery are both in well-liked.

Taiwan gambling laws

As covered in my article on Chinese Mainland Gambling Laws, the gambling laws of Taiwan are the same as the KMT government created in 1928 while still ruling mainland China. Compared to gambling laws worldwide, the laws here are very easy to understand. Chapter 21 of the Taiwan Criminal Code has only five short articles (266-270) that cover the penalties for unlawful gambling. The fines are all in Chinese yaun and at the time of this article 1 yuan is 4.62 Taiwan New Dollars (TWD).

The penalty for social gambling in public is a fine up to 1000 yuan and any cash found at the premises is confiscated by the police. The law does state that gambling on social occasion is okay. This has been interpreted to mean social wagers between friends conducted on rare occasion. If you are hosting gambling games in your home, or wagering for high stakes, you can be charged under Article 268 which is a fine of 3000 yuan and up to 3-years in prison.

The penalty for gambling as a source of profession (as a player) is up to 2-years in prison. The penalties for involvement in illegal lottery are even stricter. For agents this is 6-months in prison. For those running a lottery competing with the legal Taiwan lottery there is no maximum prison sentence, meaning the court can sentence for as long as they would like and as they see fit.

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Online gambling in Taiwan

There are many forms of legal gambling in Taiwan including scratch cards, keno, sports betting, and various lottery games. Despite this, many living here prefer to use foreign gambling websites which while illegal are very popular. The reason why is for better odds, avoiding taxes and other restrictions. Also, foreign website offer more betting markets and have products we do not have such as baccarat, slots, casino games and online poker.

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