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Macau online sports betting laws

Macau is a by-word for gambling in Asia. Its casinos attract enormous numbers of customers from far and wide. Perhaps not surprisingly, there is far less focus on sports betting – although the permissive and liberal nature of the area’s administration means major sportsbooks are widely used by bettors here.

Is sports betting legal in Macau?

Yes. Macau can claim to be the biggest gambling destination in the world, let alone Asia. Like Hong Kong, Macau is a special administrative region of China. The former Portuguese colony’s sovereignty was switched to China at the end of the 20th century, with the stipulation that it would operate with a high degree of autonomy for 50 years. In the time since, Macau has used that autonomy to build a huge casino-based gambling economy and has become known as the “Las Vegas of the East”. Indeed, Macau has long outstripped its Nevada counterpart. Wealthy Chinese people flock here and the casinos of Macau recorded an astonishing $360billion in earnings in 2019 – six times the revenue of the casinos in Vegas.

The intense focus on casinos in Macau gambling has both positive and negative repercussions for those who wish to enjoy sports betting in Macau. Sports betting is much less prominent than in Vegas and other gambling centers – but at the same time, its lack of profile means there is less official concern about the activities of international offshore sportsbooks who target customers in Macau.

There are just two official options for sports betting in Macau. The first is macauslot.com – but the only sports you can bet on here are soccer and basketball. The second is the website of the Macau Jockey Club, where it is possible to bet on local horse racing. Technically, no other form of online sports betting is legal in Macau – although equally technically, it’s not illegal either. It has never been specifically outlawed. If the risk is to anybody, it is to operators offering markets rather than individual bettors. But such is the size of the prize (in terms of the gambling clientele that flock to Macau) that numerous international sportsbooks from Asia and beyond take the risk of targeting bettors here.

The major bookmakers make little secret of their desire to cater for this attractive audience. They may stipulate that it is the player’s responsibility to ensure they are acting within the law; but this message is delivered on a website that has been translated into Chinese. In recent years, Macau has become more aware of the need to nurture responsible gambling. Its gaming authorities launched a “Responsible Gambling Promotion 2021” designed to raise public awareness of potential problems stemming from gambling.

What odds format is used in Macau?

Decimal odds

The format used by both macauslot.com and the Macau Turf Club – the only officially legal sports betting operators in Macau – is decimal odds. This is by far the most common way used by sportsbooks to express the probability of a particular outcome, and is used across Europe, Australasia and the parts of Asia where sports betting is allowed. If you are planning a wager on the favorite in the first race at Taipa, the racecourse run by the Macau Jockey Club, you may see its odds displayed as 4.0. This means that for every $10 you stake on the runner, you will get $40 in winnings if your pick is correct. If the same bet with the same outcome was shown using fractional odds, the format most popular in the UK and Ireland, it would be 3/1. And in North America, where moneyline odds are used, it would be +300. The advantage of decimal odds is that they include the stake in your projected return.

Top sports in Macau


The population of Macau is under 700,000, yet such is soccer’s popularity here that the area supports a league of four divisions. Soccer is comfortably the most followed sport here, at both local and international level. Soccer is one of the two sports on which bets can be staked at macauslot.com, with wagers available on leagues across Asia, as well as the big European competitions such as the English Premier Leagu e and LaLiga in Spain. Those who choose to sign up with overseas sportsbooks will also find an enormous selection of soccer bets from across the world.

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