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Malaysia online sports betting laws

Malaysia, and in particular the country's capital Kuala Lumpur, is a gambling hotspot. KL is home to the Monte Carlo Casino, Hollywood Casino and StarWorld Casino. But Malay gambling laws are quite interesting, and it illegal for a large chunk of the population to use these casinos – specifically Muslims. The same applies to other forms of gambling here, too.

Gambling laws in Malaysia

Betting Act 1953 and exemptions
Sharia law applies to Mulsims
Political climate of Malaysia

Online gambling and betting law in Malaysia

Online betting is very popular in Malaysia, but rarely a month passes without the news showing details of a major internet gambling site. This is misleading because these reports near always involve unlicensed gambling. Smart punters bet without fear because we use bookmakers that are legal and licensed in foreign countries.

In South East Asia, Philippines is a location with legal gambling. An even safer jurisdiction is the United Kingdom (UK). They have had licensed retail bookmakers since 1961. As these websites are legal and licensed abroad, Malaysian police have no jurisdiction over them. Players who use these sites in the privacy of their own home are not of police interest. This is very easy to do and is the safest option for betting online. In this article I discuss this topic in detail.

Which gambling sites to use?

Depositing at websites located in the Philippines is the easiest. www.bodog88.com is an all-in-one from this location. They have real money poker, casino, sports betting and Mahjong. They accept bank transfers from Malaysian banks. This can be done using online banking or at the ATM Machine. However, UK sites are the most heavily regulated for game fairness and are the most financially secure. To use UK websites, depositing is an extra step.

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